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Vansan High Performance Vertical Turbine and Axial Flow pumps are highly efficient large volume pumps. We have supplied the following large projects in Africa, from our office in South Africa

  • Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) –288m3/h at a head of 20m (80L/s)
  • Ethiopia – Vertical turbine pump
  • Zambia – 2 X 2 000m3/h at head of 5m (7 200L/s)
  • Mozambique – Vilanculos – 3 X 1 476m3/h at a head of 18m (410L/s)
  • South Africa – various projects including LR CIVILS Project 3 X 875m3/h at a head of 41m (243L/s)

Our R&D department in Turkey boasts one of the largest fully computerised test benches. We’re able to test and refine our pumps on our test bench, testing flows up to 30 000 m3/h. We are also able to test at various voltages, 400V – 690V – 1 000V – 3 300V and 6 300V with power up to 3 600kW.

With capacity and facilities like this it’s no surprise we’re able to produce pumps with efficiencies of up to 93%. Providing such high efficiencies is not all we strive for: we tirelessly work to achieve lowest lifecycle cost of ownership and the highest quality pumps – delivering the best possible solution for your project.

Our Vertical Turbine Pumps deliver flows of between 10 and 30 000m3/h and heads up to 600m. Water, oil and grease lubricated options are available.

Our Axial Flow Pumps deliver 900 and 20 000m3/h at low heads of up to 8m. Water, oil and grease lubricated options are available

These Vertical turbine and Axial flow pumps are typically used in the following applications:

  • Municipal water
  • Irrigation
  • Industrial
  • Power generation
  • Oil & Gas production industry
  • Mining
  • Storm water management
  • Sump service

Contact us for engineering support and advice. Our international team with local expertise will gladly assist you.


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